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Point of View is more than a technical choice; it's a storytelling decision that shapes your children's book. With Made Live Assist, make informed choices that amplify reader engagement.

Understanding Point of View

Point of View, or POV, is where your story's perspective takes centre stage. This is where you'll consider the vantage point from which your narrative unfolds, influencing how readers experience your story. POV influences readers' engagement and emotional resonance. Each perspective offers a distinct experience.

Point of View is the lens through which readers view your story. It's the guiding force that shapes the reader's connection with characters, events, and emotions. Whether it's first person, third person, or something unique, your choice sets the tone for the entire narrative.

Made Live Assist: Guided Insights

  • With Made Live Assist, you're not alone on this journey. As you provide information about your story, the system will offer insights into the best-fitting POV. However, your creative autonomy is valued – if you've already chosen a POV, Made Live Assist respects your decision and won't overwrite it.

The Power of Narrative Perspective

  • First Person: Readers dive into the protagonist's thoughts and emotions, experiencing the story intimately.
  • Third Person Limited: Readers witness events through a character's perspective, fostering connection.
  • Third Person Omniscient: The narrator knows all, offering insight into various characters' thoughts and feelings.

Crafting Perspective, Crafting Magic

  • In the Point of View (POV) section, you're not just choosing perspective – you're sculpting the lens through which your story will be viewed. As you make your selection, remember that the chosen perspective isn't just a technical choice – it's a storytelling decision that shapes the very heart and soul of your narrative. Your point of view isn't just a viewpoint; it's an invitation for readers to step into a world you're masterfully crafting.
Screenshot - point of view

Remember, all the elements you add to Planning will play a crucial role in guiding your writing process. As you develop your chosen point of view, think about how each narrative perspective contributes to the fabric of your story, drawing readers into the heart of the tale and sparking their immersion. You're not just selecting a viewpoint – you're giving readers a unique vantage point to embark on an adventure, make thrilling discoveries, and forge meaningful connections with your characters and their world. Each narrative choice becomes a gateway to a captivating journey of storytelling.

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