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Planning Overview

Welcome to the planning phase - your canvas for crafting the essence of your children's book. Here's where your story unfolds from a mere idea into a captivating tale. Let's guide you through.

Start with Your Story's Heart

In this empty-state window, share your story idea. Imagine you're describing it to someone who's never heard of it before. Tell us who it's about, what happens – paint the broad strokes of your narrative.

Guided Discovery: Assist Bubble

Notice the Assist bubble in the lower right corner? It's your ally, ready to guide you. As you pour your thoughts onto the canvas, it'll glean details, helping you shape your story's skeleton.

Expand with Precision

As you write, you'll see buttons along the top. These are your tools to enrich your canvas: 

  • Characters - Bring your characters to life. Add names and descriptions so readers can connect deeply. 
  • Settings - Set the stage for your adventure. Describe the world where your story unfolds. 
  • Point of View (POV) - Choose how you'll narrate your tale - who's the storyteller? 
  • Plot - Outline the twists and turns that propel your story forward. 
  • Theme and Tone - Infuse your story with depth and mood. 
  • Target Audience - Define who'll fall in love with your book. 

From Idea to Blueprint

With Planning, you're blueprinting your story's journey. Every detail you add transforms the abstract into the tangible. Imagine you're guiding a curious traveler through a realm of imagination – that's the magic you're creating. Your story is just the beginning, and Planning is where it takes its first steps towards becoming a beloved children's book.

Last Updated: 4 months

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