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Flow is more than a blank canvas; it's the starting point for your children's book on Made Live. Here, your ideas transform into structured data, laying the foundation for your creative journey.

What is Flow? Your Creative Nexus in Made Live

Flow is the heartbeat of your children’s book creation process on Made Live. It’s more than just a feature; it’s a dynamic and intuitive workspace where your book begins its journey from a mere idea to a well-structured manuscript. This is where the magic happens, where your creative sparks are nurtured into a roaring flame of storytelling.

Embrace the Chaos of Creativity with Idea Dumping

At the core of Flow is the Idea Dumping Ground. This is where you, as a storyteller, can unleash every fragment of your imagination without restraint. Whether it’s a fleeting character trait, a vivid setting, or a complex plot twist, Flow is designed to capture and organize these thoughts. It's a playground where creativity knows no bounds.

Streamlined Planning with Intelligent Assistance

Flow revolutionizes the way you plan your story. It's not just about jotting down ideas; it's about intelligently categorizing and developing them. With the assistance of Made Live Assist, Flow distinguishes between different elements of your story - characters, settings, plot points, and more. It meticulously analyzes your input, categorizes it, and presents a structured outline of your story. It prompts you to refine these elements, ensuring a comprehensive and well-thought-out plan.

Flexibility to Suit Your Style

We understand that every author has their unique approach to storytelling. That's why Flow is designed with flexibility in mind. You can dive deep into Flow's planning capabilities or use it as a starting point before delving into the details on your own. Flow adapts to your style, ensuring that it complements your creative process rather than dictating it.

The Importance of Structured Planning

In the realm of children’s book writing, planning is not just a preliminary step; it’s the foundation of your creative edifice. Flow, in conjunction with Made Live Assist, takes this to the next level. By providing a clear structure and understanding of your story's direction, Made Live Assist becomes more than just a tool; it becomes a guide, leading you through the intricate journey of writing and design. This structured planning ensures that your story remains coherent, engaging, and true to your vision.

The Journey from Conception to Completion

Flow is not just about the initial stages of writing. It’s a companion throughout your creative journey on Made Live. As your story evolves, Flow evolves with it, offering suggestions, identifying gaps, and ensuring that every aspect of your story is aligned with your vision. It’s an interactive, dynamic, and responsive feature that grows with your story, making the journey from conception to completion a seamless and enjoyable experience.

Tailoring to Your Audience and Genre

Flow understands the importance of audience and genre in children’s books. Whether you’re writing a whimsical fantasy for preschoolers or an educational graphic novel for young adults, Flow helps you tailor your story to your target audience. It guides you in choosing the right tone, theme, and style, ensuring that your book resonates with its intended readers.

Structured Magic: Your Ideas Become Data

  • Flow isn't just an empty slate; it's a converter of ideas into structured data. The information you provide doesn't just stay here – it becomes the foundation for other parts of the program. Flow's magic takes your narrative fragments and transforms them into usable building blocks.

Connect and Create: Weaving the Narrative

  • As you share character descriptions, settings, and more, Flow intertwines these threads. It's a dynamic web that links your creative elements, forming a robust narrative tapestry. It's where the puzzle pieces fit together, ready to embark on the journey that is your children's book.

Embrace the Flow of Creativity

  • In Flow, you experience the birth of your children's book. It's where your ideas flow freely, where your descriptions take shape, and where structured data emerges from the chaos. Your creative energy feeds into a structured, interconnected world, laying the foundation for your story's evolution. The Flow is where dreams begin to solidify, where imagination finds its structure, and where your journey as an author truly begins.

How To Use Flow

Using Flow is simple. Simply start typing all your ideas, book information such as title and author, characters, setting, and plot into Flow and it will do it's best to structure your planning in a way that Made Live Assist can use to make your book perfectly tailored to your vision, in the shortest amount of time possible. See the example above to see what we mean. 

Last Updated: 6 months

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