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Made Live takes character creation to the next level with AI-generated sketches. Provide your character's details, and let our AI engine produce a visual representation that enhances your storytelling.

The Importance of Characters

Adding characters to a children's book is like inviting new friends to a magical adventure. Each character brings a unique charm and perspective, enriching the storytelling experience and resonating with young readers. In our character management feature, we provide a structured way to create and manage these beloved figures. You can capture essential details like their name, type (is it a hero, a villain, or a sidekick?), defining traits that make them special, a vivid description to paint a clear picture, and even upload an image to give them a face.

We use this character information to enhance your manuscript. Our system intelligently integrates these characters into your story, ensuring their traits, actions, and appearances harmonize seamlessly with the narrative, creating an enchanting reading experience that young minds will treasure. With this tool, your characters truly come to life on the pages of your children's book.

  • Name: Easily assign a unique name to each character, making them memorable and distinct. 
  • Type: Define whether the character is a hero, a villain, a sidekick, or any other type to shape their role in the story. 
  • Traits: Specify defining traits that give your character depth and personality. 
  • Description: Provide a detailed description to vividly portray each character, making them come alive in young readers' minds. 
  • Image: Generate an image to give your character a face and visual identity. 
  • Integration: Seamlessly integrate characters into your manuscript to ensure their traits, actions, and appearances align with the narrative, enhancing the reading experience.

In the enchanting realm of children's books, characters are the heart and soul of every story. They leap off the pages, taking young readers on captivating journeys that spark imagination, empathy, and engagement. Creating characters with depth and relatability is an art, and we're here to guide you through the process of bringing your characters to life.

AI-Generated Character Sketches

Enter the realm of innovation with AI-generated character sketches from Made Live. When you provide a detailed character description, our AI technology brings your vision to life. Here's how it works: 

  1. Detailed Description - Craft a comprehensive character description, including personality, appearance, and role in the story. 
  2. AI Magic - Provide a robust description in the Planning Section in Made Live. Our AI engine processes the information to generate a visual representation of your character based entirely on your descriptions. 
  3. Empower Creativity - These sketches offer you a visual reference to enhance your storytelling. Use them to maintain character consistency and convey your vision to illustrators. 

Generated images are saved to media so you can use them for storyboarding or illustrating.

Last Updated: 6 months

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