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Welcome to the world of designer tools in Made Live's creative arsenal. These tools are your trusted companions on the path to creative excellence, offering you the means to shape and infuse life into your design.

Designer Tools

The designer tools in your arsenal pave the way for creative excellence, empowering you to shape elements and breathe life into your design. Let's explore the main tools at your fingertips: 

Select: Navigating and Modifying Elements

  • The "select" tool is your gateway to the world of manipulation. Use it to choose elements on your spread and unleash controls for flipping, rotating, resizing, and more. Your creations are at your command. 

Sketching: Notes and Doodles

  • Sketching lets you add notes or simple drawings onto your spread. A versatile tool, it comes with options for sizes and colors, providing you with a canvas for your thoughts and artistic flourishes. 

Text: Adding and Modifying Words

  • The "Text" tool is your companion for all things textual. Use it to introduce new text to your design. Drag a lasso or double-click to add your words. Moreover, when a text element is selected, this tool enables text-related menus. When selected, the background turns a vivid green, indicating your focus. 


With these designer tools, your creative vision transforms into reality. The "Select" tool unlocks control, the "Sketching" tool empowers your artistic expression, and the "Text" tool refines your message. By leveraging these tools, you're on a journey to create designs that captivate and resonate, ensuring that every element serves your storytelling purpose.

Last Updated: 6 months

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