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Welcome to the Designer Set Up, the gateway to your enchanting children's book creation. Here, we'll lay the foundation for your design journey, ensuring your story unfolds in all its glory.

Getting Started with Your Design

To set the stage for your design journey, let's dive into the Designer Set Up. You can find it in the menu, as shown in the screenshot below.


Understanding Trim Sizes: A Brief Note

Before we dive into the details, let's talk about trim sizes. These are the dimensions of your final book. Think of it as the canvas on which your story will unfold. Choosing a trim size is an essential decision. It influences your design choices, layout, and the way the book feels in the hands of readers. Consider factors like readability, illustrations, and the age of your readers when making this choice. When self-publishing, your trim size choices will also impact your publishing and distribution options. 


Selecting the Perfect Trim Size

  1. Reader Experience - Think about the comfort of your readers. A larger trim size might work well for picture books, while a smaller one could be ideal for early readers. 
  2. Illustrations - Your illustrations are an integral part of your book. Make sure they complement the chosen trim size, maintaining clarity and impact. 
  3. Age group - The age of your audience matters. Consider their interaction with the book - whether it's holding, reading, or being read to. 
  4. Layout - How you lay out your text and images matters. Certain trim sizes may offer more creative flexibility. 
  5. Publishing Options - Keep your publishing and distribution end goals in mind, as different print and distribution channels offer limited trim size options. 

Guidance in Fonts, Colors, and Themes

As you gear up for your design, let's explore Fonts, Colors, and Themes - the cornerstones of your visual storytelling. 


  • Fonts communicate tone and personality. Choose wisely to match the essence of your story. Our collection of included open-source fonts offer simplicity and versatility. 



  • Colors evoke emotions and set the mood of your story. With an array of colors, you'll find the perfect shades to help bring your story to life. 



  • Themes weave together colors and fonts, creating the perfect visual backdrop for your story. Our predefined pairings ensure a polished and captivating design. 


Embark on Your Design Journey

With the Designer Set Up, you've taken the first step towards crafting a remarkable children's book. From choosing the right trim size to exploring fonts, colors, and themes, you're ready to create a world that captivates young hearts and minds. Your design journey is an adventure, and we're here to guide you every step of the way. 

Last Updated: 6 months

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