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Themes are the emotional and philosophical underpinning of your children's book. They turn a narrative into an impactful story that resonates with young readers. Learn how to choose and integrate themes with Made Live.

Theme: Weaving Threads of Meaning

Your book's theme is where your narrative takes on a deeper layer of meaning. This is where you'll explore the heart of your story, selecting words that capture its essence, connecting your narrative with your reader's emotions, experiences, and aspirations.

Why Themes Matter

Understanding and selecting themes is vital as you craft your children's book. Themes provide depth and resonance, elevating your narrative from words on a page to a story that lingers in young hearts. Themes give readers a chance to connect with characters, fostering empathy, and encouraging introspection. By choosing the right themes, you're not just telling a story – you're planting seeds of emotion, inspiration, and thoughtfulness.

Common Children's Book Themes

  • Discovery: Unveiling the new, exploring the uncharted – discovery themes encourage curiosity and the thrill of the unknown.
  • Learning: Themes centered around learning invite young minds to embrace knowledge, growth, and the joy of discovery.
  • Perseverance: Through challenges and setbacks, perseverance themes inspire resilience, determination, and the power to overcome.
  • Friendship: The bonds of friendship themes celebrate companionship, loyalty, and the beauty of shared experiences.
  • Imagination: Imagination themes transport readers to magical realms, encouraging creative thinking and limitless possibilities.
  • Courage: Courage themes embolden characters to face fears, take risks, and demonstrate inner strength.


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Remember, everything you incorporate into Planning will play a vital role in guiding your writing journey. When you delve into the theme of your book, reflect on how each element weaves into the intricate fabric of your story, captivating readers' senses and deepening their immersion. You're not merely exploring ideas – you're extending an invitation for readers to embark on a profound exploration of your thematic world. Every thematic element, every narrative choice, transforms into a pathway leading readers to an odyssey of discovery, connection, and meaningful exploration.

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