Bring Your Picture Book to Life

You’re ready to take the idea out of your head and turn it into a real book you can hold in your hands.

Made.Live’s platform will help make it easier for you to self-publish your book – from idea to manuscript and into reality.

Your idea doesn’t have to collect dust. Your story deserves to be read.

Whether you’re new to writing or a seasoned pro, we have just what you need to move forward.
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Feel confident sharing and receiving feedback

Feedback is a gift, making your book better and ultimately more successful. With Made Live, your book starts to take shape faster so you can share it and collect feedback before investing in illustrations – saving you frustration, pain, and headaches.

A guided experience to make real progress

We lay out all the steps for you to take your book from initial idea to manuscript, storyboard, and beyond. Now, you don’t have to worry about researching everything you need to do. You’re free to just focus on writing, editing, and collaborating with your illustrator.

Get your vision out of your head and into the mind of your illustrator

Easily convert your words and ideas into book pages, spreads, and illustrator notes. Sharing with your illustrator helps them fully understand the story you envision and want to tell, making it easier for them to bring your vision to life.


At Made Live, we don’t think self-publishing children’s books shouldn’t be confusing, empty your bank account, or make you miserable. We don’t think you should have to defend yourself against predatory publishers and sneaky sales tactics. And we don’t think you should have to do it on your own. 

We believe publishing should be fast, easy, affordable, and accessible to everyone. We believe it should be easy to get feedback to create a professional looking book. We believe working with an illustrator should be exhilarating. 

Made Live was built by authors, for authors with what you need to write your children’s book from start to finish.

No more waiting. No more rejection letters. No more stress.

Just beautiful books.


As a 4-time children's book self-published author I wish this existed when I was starting out. Made Live is easy to navigate, has everything you need in one place and it has a checklist feature to keep you on track. 10/10 - I would highly recommend it to my fellow aspiring authors.

Kristy Ware

You're ready to get started. We'll show you how.

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