Publishing books should be a few things...


Whether you're a just getting started or an accomplished author, our simplified web-based tools make the process of publishing books simple.


Self-publishing can be expensive. With our affordable monthly and annual subscription plans, Made Live helps you avoids large upfront costs while saving you money in the long-run.


You have a story to tell, but publishing books shouldn't make you want to pull your hair out in the process! Keep your hair intact and have fun while seeing your book come to life.

Well, that's what the other guys say. But we think self-publishing takes a little bit more...

Good books start with passion while great books start with planning. Made Live's checklist feature gets you through it all.


Made Live tools can be worked on together or collaboratively with a team of your choosing. Real-time edits and messaging make changes and development painless.


Release you book in more formats that just print, levering eBooks and app integrations to make your works digital.

So we're building the tools to help you take charge of your entire publishing project from start to finish. No more rejection letters. No more stress. Just beautiful books.

Plan Your Book or Series

Chronicle your characters and storylines, log inspiration, research competing books, and set the technical aspects of writing that you strive to adhere to. 

Write Your Manuscript

Building off your plans, you can use the the Made Live picture book manuscript editor to write your story in a way that makes it easy to automatically transfer your work directly into picture book format.

Storyboard Your Book

Storyboarding is where you really see your story come to life. But before getting deep into illustrating your book, it's helpful to create a storyboard to help decide where to place images and text. We've included free illustration templates for background and characters to get you started.

Build Your Team

Writing is just one of the many aspects of creating a great book, and you can't do it all. So whether you're looking to collaborate with an editor, illustrator, or book designer, simply invite them to join your project and work alongside your team in real time.

Illustrate Your Book

Work with artists or book designers to turn your storyboard ideas into living, breathing pages that match your creative vision.

Review Your Book

Share private versions of your book digitally with your team members and arrange for real time beta reads with fellow community members. 

Release Your Book

Determine the format you'd like to release your book. We offer options to help you publish your book in a number of formats including print, video, audio, e-book, or interactive. 

Our focus is on providing technological solutions for astute, self-driven authors who want newer, faster, and easier ways to tell stories.
A screenshot of madelive - we make publishing books easy. Our load screen shows with a vivid illustration of trees with a white onboarding form at the center of the screen.
Whether your children’s book is still just a seed of an idea in your mind or well on its way to becoming a reality, the Made Live Publishing Suite is here to help.
Made Live
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Screenshot of a dark mode menu from our self-publishing software that shows a variety of plug-in integrations available through Made Live.
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Colorful illustration examples of six different children that can be used as illustration placeholders in a children's book using our self-publishing software.
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People and the uniqueness of their stories. That is what’s at the heart of Made Live.
Ready to try it out?

Apply to be a beta tester by filling out the form below. We will contact you when we are ready to open beta to the public.